We have moved to the Kingaroy airport..
KINGAROY OBSERVATORY is now open for business! 
*  We're located on Geoff Raph Drive at the Kingaroy Airport - just turn off the Kingaroy-  Cooyar Rd into Warren Truss Drive. Proced for 800M then left into Geoff Raph Drive. We're 260 M up from that intersection on the right. 
*  KO is a 5 minute drive from the town's CBD. 
*  Kingaroy has an abundance of Motels, Hotels and Meal outlets, many of which offer special deals to our visitor. To get this offer, you must first visit us. 
*  To book a Day and/or a Night Show, phone 4164 6194 or 0427  961  391, You can also book via email. 
*  Further info is our Facebook page  Click the FB icon.
 James Barclay- principal AstronomerStargazing
Principal astronomer James Barclay with over 60 years experience in Astronomy, is pictured with one of the three Meade LX200 14" GPS F10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, that shows exquisite detail of the Moon, Planets and Stars.
The white kitchen steps is what you lean on to while looking into the eyepiece. Each telescope can be raised or lowered to suit your height.


We sell Skywatcher telescopes and mounts, well below other outlets. Phone, or email us for your price!.


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