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History of Kingaroy Observatory (formerly Maidenwell Observatory)

After astronomer James and his wife Lyn sold their martial home in late 2003, the sale paid for the construction whivh began in April 2004, on some Leased land of a disused sports field, that governed by the then, Nanango Shire Council, and opened to the public on August 16, 2004.

This public outreach facility is the largest, self-funded Astro Tourism business in Queensland.

For the next 10 years, it was a roller coaster ride, with 1000's for visitors flocking to view the Southern night skies through large telescopes. Over those yers we got to see a Transit of Mercury and Venus, numerous Lunar eclipses and a bright Comet McNaugh

After our 10-year Lease was up, we moved all the buildings to our current location - Kingaroy Airport in March 2015 and after installation of buildings, etc, we re-open4d on June 28, 2015.

Prof. astronomer James 'StarMan' Barclay,has over 70-years experience in the Science. He not only takes you on a Cosmic tour with 3 x Meade LX200 14 inch telescopes, his knowledge and passion for Astronomy is an experience on its own.

James also have the ways and means of doing up International Dark Dark Sky applications, for those sites and enities who want to preserve their dark, night skies from Light Pollution and to boost Tourism.

Contact him if this interest you.

Kingaroy Observatory is located at the airport along Geoff Raph Drive just 5 minutes drive from Kingaroy CBD/p>

On a dark, cloud-free night, the visitor gets to look through 35cm (14 inch) Meade Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes.

The Observation-Deck where the telescopes are, can seat up to 40 people & the Star-Theatre 70 seats.

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