Celestron 101mm F5 Spotterscopes
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Celestron 101mm 150 spotterscope + Skywatcher Alliew mount



This Skywatcher 150 Maksutov F13 (1950mm focal length) telescope is ideal for those who want to view and photograph the Moon and the brighter planets in fine detail. When not being used under the stars, both the scope and mount, double-up for daytime viewing of distant objects or closeups of mountains, animals, etc using a DSLR camera. The mount will give you professional Time Lapse and Pans for still and video photography!  The mounts also come with their own DSLR brackets that allow any DSLR camera and a lens up to 5 kgs to take Panoramic shots. The package is $1450.

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All View Mount

With All View Mount, Without All View Mount